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about me about me names liseth but everyone calls me liz well am 17 years old i live miami fl i was born here i come from a hispanic family i love my family i love 2 to sinqq & dance i am christian i believe in god i believe in him many ppl take this like its religion but its not its a relationship with god thats the reason why we here the moon is perfect the sun is perfect there is living here cause theres a living god :) if you have any questions please comment me or add me seach for (cutebombcherry) thats me any other personal question please message me by email WHATS MY LIFE?
well everything my life is ok :) but it isnt a perfect life we all go through tough times we seemed to go through lots of struggles in life sometimes its very hard to handle many things at once but you that many times we have to learn from our mistakes we learn from many things nobody could judge u cause they judge themselves words have power thats why gotta be careful what we say or speak or words can be reality we need be more positive in life & not tlk negative we need to stand out & face our life :) we shouldnt go against anyone we should treat each other with respect


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